Five years ago (2014) I met Minister Love at a B.L.A.C.K.U.W. meeting.  I was so impressed by the way that she taught the Bible; that I became a student of hers.  I signed up for a one on one phone bible lesson every week..  I am still studying even to this day..

Now we are on the You Tube each week with a Bible Study lesson.  The Channel is the Bible Talk Show.

The Holy Spirit told me to make a website called Sourceoutreachministries.com.   So here I am working on this website daily to bring to you information that will keep you informed on what is going on in the world and and information to increase your relationship with Jesus.  This journey  gives me a way to serve the LORD. I show  people how to increase their knowledge of Jesus through this website; by phone Bible studies, videos, books, events and now You Tube Bible Talk Show each week.  There is always something new coming to this site.  We have partners in Bangaldesh CCCI, Marner Campbell in Colorado, Rebecca in Texas, Danny Shelley out of London who started a group in USA Safe Locations ccwsl.  Behold Israel Amir,  Christians Communities  World Safe Communities.  Fathers House Roseville Ca. I am a changed woman since I have been studying with Minister Love at B.L.A.C.K.U.W. Ministries.  Give yourself a chance to get rid of that emptiness in your heart and instead feel Joy, Peace and Love that the words in the Bible can give you.. We also have a Homeless to Homefull Project.   Give me a call at 775 750-9825 or email me at [email protected]   God Bless  Sandra.