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Bible Lovers Achieving Christ Knowledge Understanding Wisdom


I met Minister Love way back in 2014. Back then I was literally at the lowest point of my life. My mother wanted to help me and introduced me to this amazing woman on the phone. You see I was plagued by evil spirits back then living in fear and terror. When my mother passed the phone to me and told me to tell her everything was a pivoting point in my life. Minister Love listened to me and expressed no condemnation for my extraordinarily bad circumstances. She just listened to my story and when I was done she fed me scripture for over an hour. Her sweet voice over the phone declaring words of our Lord and Savior gave me hope and peace in a time of hopelessness. Her gift of teaching flowed out her mouth giving me, a complete stranger, words of encouragement, proclamations of freedom and the promises that God written to me in the Bible. She extended me the offer to call her again and five years later we are still enjoying studying together the word of God.

The first year we studied together she created a special curriculum in deliverance for me to help me find freedom and understand what was happening in my life. The next year few years we journeyed through women of the bible, types and shadows of Jesus, Satan, The Holy Spirit, then to the different types of hearts that we have. Through the teachings I was able to see my own strengths and weaknesses and methods for improvement. I was able to peer into history and common errors and their consequences. I was able to see through the word of God who He is, what he likes and expects and wisdom to overcome evil. I have seen how he has given us the power to trample on serpents and powers that are designed to destroy us and learn how to be an overcomer. I have discovered thought patterns I have developed both positive and negative and been able to see myself with a whole new positive perspective. Peering into the knowledge, understanding and   wisdom of the Bible has been and is a wonderful journey that I recommend to all.

Thank you Minister Love for being a guide on this voyage through the word of God. Your friendship over the years has helped me grow to a place that I never envisioned. Friends like you are rare and so much more precious than gold!